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Clean The Ocean Clean The Ocean

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


The game gets a little boring after a while. Here are some easy things you could do to improve it :

- Add sound effects when a bag hits an animal or is put to the bin.
- Use a longer music loop
- Reduce the time limit (1 minute is too long) and increase the speed of the bags : the more you play, the quicker they fall.

The graphics are nice, good enough for this type of game.

Q.W.E.R.T.Y. Q.W.E.R.T.Y.

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Controls are horrible

I gave you a 4 because I like the plot and the overall aspect of the game ; but please do something about the controls ! I got stuck in the middle of chapter one because I could not move the character any longer. You should be able to open a door by clicking on it, without having to move the character first. It would be too sad if this game had a low mark because you have not fixed the problem.

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The Pinko Rabbit Bastards The Pinko Rabbit Bastards

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice game

I was stuck quite a while in China but at the end I prevailed ! Eventually I could find some trick to visit the four factories in a row by driving the car across the screen at full speed. I wonder if there is any other way to beat the last level.

Anyway, thanks for this funny game ! I do not think it is politically biased. Just not to be taken too seriously.

Mad World 1.5 Mad World 1.5

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice side-scroller

You made me feel depressed, you 13 year-old stupid jerk... Just kidding ^^

Very simple and well-done. I like the fact that there aren't ennemies. It adds to the overall sense of being lost in that mad world you talk about. It has style, and does not completely look like what I would expect from someone of your age. You put efforts into this.

Now, the idea is OK for one single game I think, You cannot go too far with that kind of stuff. But I am waiting for the sequel, if you plan to make one. I would be impressed if you add some new features and make an original platformer.

My score was : 51.

P. S. I was looking for easter eggs at the end of the "dead end" screen, keeping the left key down for about two minutes, but nothing happenned !

Best wishes from France

The Gray 2 The Gray 2

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Way too expectable

Right from the start I turned down my speakers... Usually I like those kinds of pranks (though I get easily scared) but it has become difficult to make an original one. Try to improve the quality of the "game" so we may forget about the joke... until the picture of the zombie pops up at the end.

A Rather Warlike Adventur A Rather Warlike Adventur

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Very not bad at all

An original and funny game. The graphics are average, but the music in the background makes the whole project look a little more professional. The controls were smooth and the jokes were appreciated. I also like the password system to save the player's progress. Now try to develop an interesting story and to improve the graphics and the aspect of the character. Oh, and do not forget to select "game" in the description of the file, because it appears on the portal as if it were a movie.

MentalAtom responds:

I will work on the graphics and when i have io will re-release. I have cvhanged iot it is now a movie! thanks for being kinda helpful

BoxBoler BoxBoler

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Not quite hard

The game wasn't hard enough to get challenging. Moreover it was not original (did you make it from a tutorial?). The 60-sec avoiding level was boring, I just repeated the same moves. Why not adding something to spice it up a little? (walls, etc...). Yet the idea was good (I mean instead of just increasing the number of balls/chicken pieces, you came up with something unexpected at this point). The reason why I did not vote 2 is because, with so few graphics in the game, you could have spent some time improving them.

Buddhism:The Game Buddhism:The Game

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Very smart

Your game is to me very relevant and shows the same clever use of both animating and programming that characterizes all your previous work: I mean that with very few resources you manage to create a fun, coherent and challenging game.
I can seriously tell that it stands to me as a modele, not by itself, but by the fact that you directly aim at which elements help improving the game quality without implying complex means. I think a good animator/programmer is someone who doesn't waste moves or graphics, and by the same doesn't mind sacrifying effects in order to reach an equal quality more straight-forwardly, for global quality induces pleasure from a gamer's point of view, and not the difficulty of the process on small details, which isn't acknowledged in most of the cases.
The concept was simple and amazing, and you set it just hard enough. A better animation matching the moments when you reach nirvana and lose would have improved the mark though. Anyway, good job, you definitely have your seat among the people who can teach flash to beginners and create complete, coherent works in a very short time.

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Loomkind responds:

That's by far the best comment I ever had.
thank you for not just saying 'w00t'.

Much apreciated

Red Dragon Red Dragon

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


It's become difficult to revive decades-old concepts such as this one but to me you made it very well. I especially like the various characters and ennemies that make part of the game's world, all the details that give an enjoyable background to the action. The set of colours is very pleasant to the eye and add to an arcade-like flavour that makes the game look somehow strange but funny. Nice job, you have some good AS skills.

Bill the Demon Bill the Demon

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love you !

I just can't believe it ! That's one of my favorite freewares I used to play on my old Mac, I was unable to finish it at the very end of the game when my computer crashed, but now I can play it again :-D. YAY!
I really enjoy this game and especially the underground world in which it takes place. Even if the graphics are simple, it keeps being both creepy and funny. The controls are easy and the levels kind of hard with smart maze-like parts. I hope you rewrote the level with the invisible blocks too, it was amazing.
I've almost nothing to complain about in this game. I remind it made me dreaming about programming such a platform game when I played it on Mac. This definitely goes in my favorite list.
Thumbs up !