2008-09-07 13:32:49 by Frozijunkie

I've been playing around with Blender this week-end, enjoying the new possibilities of 3D modeling. Check out the first pictures I made for the remake of my game.

The Catacombs
Candle and Skull
The Catacombs (2)


Travelling by bike...

2007-09-06 18:05:20 by Frozijunkie

Just before the weather turned so bad this summer where I live, I went on a four-day-trip from Paris to Dijon in eastern France, covering some 70 kilometers a day with only a sport bag and my bike. I'm not saying this to impress anyone but it was such a weird experience and intense at the same time that I feel like sharing this with you fellow newgrounders.

In the middle of the road I met a girl from Korea who had left London and was on her way to Switzerland on a mountainbike with a least 30 kilos of supplies just because she had read a novel about some guy travelling by bike and wanted to do the same thing. We eventually took separate roads and then I just kept going forward up and down the hills.

The truth of the matter is, at the beginning I was planning to visit some girl living there but then the trip wasn't aimed at anything any longer. It was only the pleasure of going wherever I'd like to, peeing on the road and acting like a hobo. I became aware that one shouldn't have to pay for the things that keep us alive: sleeping, eating, etc... I had also brought some books by latin poets and philosophers (Ovid, Horace and Seneca) and the combine of the two (travel and readings) was keeping me very happy and relaxed.

Once in the city of Dijon I stayed at a youth hostel which was still a cheap solution and I made some really nice encounters: there was a guy who loved to wander in the room totally naked, sometimes facing me to have a chat while I was focusing to keep my eyes on the ceiling... He was of the kind when you have a conversation with, you try to slip a word or two about how much you like girls and only them, just to make everything clear without offending anyone. Indeed, when everything was clear, he would still wander totally naked showing me his piece of meat but we had some good laugh together.

Then there was that funny Bresilian gentleman with whom I spent some wonderful three days laughing and learning a lot about everything. He made me think a lot of the Greek god Dionysos, because he knew how to pick a good wine and acted just like a child (Dionysos is always represented as a child). Besides that, when I entered our room one morning he had removed the upper sheet from his bed to put it on while I was busy in the room because his clothes were drying, and it just looked like a ancient greek garment!

I feel like spending my whole life like that...

A new title for "Providence"

2007-08-22 18:30:38 by Frozijunkie

Dear fellow newgrounders,

Today's brainstorming, as I was wandering in the streets of Paris, was about weither I will be giving a new name to my game "Providence : Catacombs of Despair" as soon as a remake is released. The new features will include a broader game window, zoom-in enabled for the map, more details, something to find out easily the last door you have gone through, a better compass and so on.

I hope these changes will make the game less complicated. My aim is not (for the moment) to improve it with brand new ideas, which I might nevertheless be doing one day by working on a sequel to this first success (^^). A hearty "thank you" to anyone has reviewed the game and given advise so as to make Catacombs of Despair even better.

Regarding the title, too likely to be confused with the name of a city, I am going to change it as well, although I am not certain about the new title. The one I am trying to familiarize with sounds partly the same, ending in "ence" as well, and partly stranger, since it is not a common word, rather a pun on - or a distortion of - a French phrase.

Anupam Dame├žur

R.I.P. Powerful Peanut

2007-08-13 12:36:20 by Frozijunkie

This used to be the link to my first, hopeful attempt at joining the Newgrounds' artists' community. Unfortunately for my fans, both file and source have been lost in a computer crash ;-). Obituaries.